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Unity Developer Midcore Development
Playable Ads Developer Boost Team Marketing

What we offer

  • Important life event gift
  • Salary insured against currency rate fluctuations
  • 12 golden leave days per year, one per month
  • 30 sick days per year & 100% coverage if the limit is reached
  • 19 paid vacation days per year

Our expectations

Communication skills and openness to dialog

Don't be afraid to ask for help and advice if something doesn't work out or there are doubts. And don't be shy to express your opinion on current processes and tasks.

Diana, Project Manager Midcore Division 

Don't be afraid to come and say that there is a problem, and ask for help with its solution, don't think that no one will notice it, or it will somehow be solved by itself.

Nikita, Boost Team Lead

Ask clarifying questions in order to fully understand the task you have to solve. It’s better to spend time on this than to remake everything later.

Anastasia, Analytics Lead

The ability and, what is most important, the desire to listen and hear, to engage in a dialogue (direct, non-violent and non-toxic).

Amir, Product Owner Hybrid-casual Division 

Don't be silent if you see mistakes in your own or someone else's work. Others may have blurred eyes.

Pavel, Lead Backend / Unity Developer Midcore Division

Strive for self-improvement

Understand your weak and strong points (it can be both hard or soft skills) for better understanding what you can improve. Follow new technology trends that can be useful in your work, and follow the trends in the market.

Anastasia, Analytics Lead

Constantly improve knowledge and tools used in work. This may mean a simple study of IDE/editor/browser hotkeys, which can significantly speed up the work in the future.

Pavel, Lead Backend / Unity Developer Midcore Division

Be resourceful and curious. Have interest in life and an aspiration to find the keys to everything. Desire to hack the system.

Pavel, Head of Hybrid-casual Division 


Take full responsibility for the task you are working on. When you give it away, your part must be done inside and out, with no unfinished ends for someone else to deal with.

Pavel, Lead Backend / Unity Developer Midcore Division

Responsibility in completing tasks is highly valued. For example, when you don't need to constantly remind a colleague about keeping the task tracker up-to-date.

Diana, Project Manager Midcore Division 

Proactivity and independence

t’s important to ask yourself as a part of the team: What tasks can I complete on my own, and which do I need help with? What am I interested in, what I am good at and what can I improve? How can I influence the processes in the team so that I / we work better / faster / more efficiently? Strive to solve issues independently. Be willing to “dig” and “dive” rather than just float on the surface.

Masha, Marketing Lead

An important skill is to offer and look for solutions. For example, you can do exactly as much as it is written in the task, or you can see patterns, roughness, polish or develop the idea further.

Viktor, Boost Team Tech Lead Motion Designer

When a problem appears, try to solve it yourself or, at least, think over solutions, and only then ask your lead for advice.

Nikita, Boost Team Lead

Give yourself time to think, look for information and solutions before contacting the lead regarding your task.

Anastasia, Analytics Lead

Engagement in common goal and interest in product

It is important to understand what task is really important for the product (usually it’s something that affects the gameplay or the overall look of the game). And which one doesn’t greatly affect the game. You can ask your lead or the producer about it or decide on your own if you know it. The main thing is to realize this and concentrate on the main task, and not vice versa. In this case, I'm talking about actions, when the whole team has already decided what is important and what is not.

Alexey, Lead Unity Developer Hypercore Team

Look at the task from all perspectives. It would be nice to run the solution several times in your head and ask yourself questions whether everything is considered and whether there are any pitfalls or unaccounted points.

Anastasia, Analytics Lead

It's great if you are involved in the projects we're working on together. Not just to do the “next” task, but to have an understanding of what it is for.

Diana, Project Manager Midcore Division 

Interest in games and playing experience

All employees have to play the game they are making (the only exception is if the project is at an early stage). It is also advisable to play competitors’ games for several hours. It would be very nice if you generally love and play games, at least some of them.

Alexey, Lead Game Designer Midcore Division 

Why Highcore Games

  • Millions of people around the world play our games. Be a part of it.
  • We always look for fresh ideas to build better processes and create amazing products.
  • Work with the team of professionals and unleash your potential. Let’s gain new goals together!
  • It’s OK to make mistakes to draw conclusions.
  • Try yourself in a different area and move between divisions and teams.
  • Work remotely or in the office.
  • We enable you the ability to influence the growth and creation of a team.
  • Take the opportunity to love your work and feel that it fills you with a sense of accomplishment and self-realization.
  • Work-life balance is one of our core values. We love our jobs, but we love our families more 🙂

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