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The main difference between this course and the previous one was that not only Highcore Games employees became students of the course, but also external participants. We are very glad that guys from different cities with different levels and backgrounds but with a common desire for new knowledge have joined us 👩‍🎓

8 lessons that covered the entire character creation pipeline, a lot of practice and 20 hours of detailed homework analysis from the course lecturer Roman are behind 🧑‍🏫

Check out our new article on DTF, in which we are telling you how we got the idea of the course, how we chose among the candidates who will be a part of it, and why this project is so important to us. In the article, we are also sharing the results of the students and talking about their impressions 😉

Read the full article on DTF

Scroll through the gallery to see amazing artworks that the guys created on the course 🎨