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We at Highcore Games held a #highcorebacktoschool activity. For a whole week, we replaced our usual Slack avatars with our childhood photos. This flash-mob added a huge dose of cuteness to work chats.

We also conducted a series of interviews in which we discussed three topics with our colleagues:
— Who they wanted to be when they grow up and who they became eventually;
— What games they used to play as children;
— We asked them to tell a funny story from their school days.

So, for example, our CEO Ivan wanted to become a dinosaur as a child, and Pavel (Head of Hyper Casual ) did bullet shooting professionally. Diana (Project Manager) first worked as a QA engineer, and our Motion Designer Daria can sing well and likes to perform on stage. Masha (Lead UA) wanted to become a surgeon, and our Producer Timofey, along with video games, has always been very fond of making music.

In our new article, we would like to share these interesting stories. We wish you happy reading 😉

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