Unity Developer

Midcore team has an open position for a Unity developer for their new project, and you have the opportunity to join them!

What you will be doing:

  • Full cycle of game development
  • If you have unique knowledge, then we are happy to give you the opportunity to apply it
  • Interaction with QA-team, GD-team, Art-team
  • Creating builds for QA and UA
  • Developing features and fixing bugs
  • Assistance to artists in setting up materials and prefab assets
  • Preparation and launch of AB-tests
  • Be an active member of the team, express your opinion and offer your ideas openly
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and draw conclusions

The result of your work:

  • You immerse yourself in the pipeline of creating a game from discussion to store export
  • You are just happy and satisfied with your work

What we expect from the candidate:

  • Confident knowledge of Unity + C#
  • Experience with ECS frameworks in Unity (knowledge/experience with Photon Quantum is a plus)
  • Understanding of networking in multiplayer games (experience in developing multiplayer projects is desirable)
  • Experience with Zenject / VCointainer
  • Experience with Task/UniTask
  • Understanding of code optimization/profiling principles
  • Experience with Git
  • Commercial development experience of at least 2 years
  • Effective communication: you are able to identify your goal, describe the problem and its solution, to take into account the interests of the whole team
  • The ability to prioritize the development of the entire game
  • Knowledge of English (reading of tech. documentation)
  • The desire to constantly improve your skill, help colleagues and share your knowledge
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