Superhero HC


We are looking for a real superhero in hyper-casual division. We are waiting for a Zen-PM who strives for transformation and organization in his work – with priority on the team, not canonical processes.

Our ideal Zen-PM has passed the path of a samurai and has seen, created, implemented various processes; he is ready to start from the very beginning — with humanistic values and priority on the team.

The global mission of such a person will be auditing, implementing changes and building the organizational structure of the division; providing a friendly, transparent, effective interaction model.

What you will be doing:

  • People-management: individual work with each team member, with their competencies and development plan;
  • Motivation;
  • Conflict management;
  • Planning and goal setting: both for the whole division, and at the individual level;
  • Strategic sessions: planning and conducting;
  • Roles definition in the team and interaction between them;
  • Effective team building;
  • Development of the project team through the improvement of professional competencies;
  • Determination of necessary resources;
  • Ensuring interaction within and between teams.

What we expect from the candidate:

  • Business Management degree;
  • You are acquainted with BART, SMART, OKR, SWOT, etc.;
  • Successful cases of implementing changes and building team architecture;
  • You are able to find out the reason why the team is not effective and correct the “imperfection”;
  • You have a strategic vision;
  • Effective communication: you are able to identify and communicate goals, describe the problem and its solution, take into account the interests of the whole team;
  • In an effort to achieve goals you inspire others with your actions and enthusiasm.
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