Project Manager (Hypercasual Division)


We are growing and planning to release new products in a Hyperсasual Division. Therefore, we are looking for a Project Manager who will help the producer and the team in creating new hits. We are waiting for a specialist who will be able to dive into the existing ecosystem, audit it and offer the best solutions taking priority over the team in optimizing processes.

In return for our requirements we offer you the opportunity to make decisions and be responsible for them, not to be afraid to go astray sometimes, but to draw conclusions and improve with us 🙂

Project Manager’s global mission is to help the team to perform more efficiently: to improve the quality and speed up the creation and product development; to ensure a productive and friendly interaction model within the team.

What you will be doing:

  • Deep dive into projects (getting acquainted with products and teams, tasks, deadlines)
  • Development processes audit in collaboration with the producer. Searching for optimal solutions and their further adaptation
  • People management: individual work with each team member, with their motivation, competencies and personal development plan
  • Conducting retrospectives
  • Task management, work with Asana, project development deadlines managing
  • Working with check-statuses, writing meeting agenda and follow-ups

What we expect from the candidate:

  • Successful PM experience of at least 2 years, preferably in GameDev. The experience of building team architecture is especially valuable
  • Task management experience: setting and monitor tasks, organizing sprints, operating risks. Skills in Asana
  • Experience in optimizing processes in team management
  • People management experience: working with team motivation, conducting retrospectives
  • Gaming background: user experience in any games
  • Understanding the mobile game development principles and trends
  • Knowledge and understanding of basic metrics (LTV, Retention, DAU, etc.)
  • Effective communication: you are able to identify your goal, to describe the problem and its solution, and to take into account the interests of the whole team
  • You have a holistic vision, you can look at the situation from all sides
  • You know how to find an approach to each team member
  • You inspire others with your actions and enthusiasm
  • You are proactive, you have time management skills
  • You have a responsible approach to work and have a commercial mindset
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