Lead Game Designer


We seek to create new hits and are in search of a Lead Game Designer. You will be a part of the Trend Watching Team — the team that is aimed at studying and understanding the hyper-casual market and adapting best practices to our projects.

The global mission of such a specialist will be to build an effective game design cell, as well as work on projects together with external teams.

What you will be doing:

  • Maintaining communication with external development teams;
  • Leadership, management and mentoring of the game designer team;
  • Management of the game designers’ cell;
  • Keeping documentation;
  • Participation in meetings, reviews and planning;
  • Coordination of interaction with all cells in the team;
  • Maintaining a healthy working atmosphere in the team that motivates team members and promotes development and creativity;
  • Communicating the goals and strategies of projects to the members of the cell;
  • Quality control of tasks at all stages of development;
  • Creating a vision for projects in operation.

What we expect from the candidate:

  • Effective communication: you are able to identify your goal, describe the problem and its solution, to take into account the interests of the whole team;
  • Experience with hyper-casual games and a huge love for the genre;
  • 2-3 releases of hypercasual projects and experience in operating them;
  • Team management experience, hiring, mentoring, drawing up individual development plans;
  • Experience in working with Analytics;
  • Ability to decompose features in detail;
  • Openness to opportunities and willingness to experiment;
  • You know and understand the basic metrics (LTV, Retention, DAU, etc.);
  • Ability to prioritize the development of the entire game;
  • Your motivation is continuous development in the area and collaboration with talented people.
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