Game Designer (Midcore)


Our development team does not intend to stop there. We are constantly working on a project to make the game even more exciting. There are several big epic tasks ahead (including metagame). And that’s why we are looking for a Game Designer who can among other things work on new midcore projects – we will ensure career growth.

The global mission of the Game Designer is to work on a high-quality gaming experience and to improve of product metrics and their income.

What you will be doing:

  • The development is aimed at improving the existing project in collaboration with the CEO and GD Team;
  • New features development for ongoing projects;
  • Active participation in the development of a new project;
  • Analysis of current project metrics and search for new growth points together with an analyst;
  • Development and development of metagame;
  • Development of concept docks based on the reskin of the project;
  • Improvement and support of the event system, scheduling of new events.

What we expect from the candidate:

  • The ability to make clear and understandable documentation using digital tools;
  • Understanding the principles of building F2P, as well as hybrid monetization;
  • Confident experience of playing F2P games, and even better implemented projects; having been working with competitive projects is a big advantage;
  • “Watchfulness” and a broad outlook in mobile games;
  • The ability to decompose features and whole games in detail; understanding relationships in games;
  • You know how to work with balance;
  • You know and understand the main game KPIs;
  • Experience working in Unity;
  • Effective communication: you are able to identify your goal, to describe the problem and its solution, to take into account the interests of the whole team;
  • The ability to prioritize the development of the entire game;
  • Experience working with Analytics;
  • Experience in conducting AB tests;
  • Released projects and experience in operating them;
  • English (B1);
  • The desire to constantly develop your skill and help colleagues, share your knowledge.
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