Technical Artist


We are looking for a Technical Artist with ongoing experience in working on mobile game engines so that they function better for artists creating art content. The tasks will be mainly to maintain midcore division.

The mission of the Technical Artist will be cooperation with the 2D/3D artists and programmers in order to ensure art content for our products, facilitation and acceleration of the same tasks by creating custom tools, final graphics quality improvement through implementation of new technologies.

What you will be doing:

  • The pipeline improvement in the project production
  • Development and implementation of new technologies for game optimization
  • Designing of shaders
  • Technical support for artists: writing scripts and creating tools that will help artists do their work faster

What we expect from the candidate:

  • Experience (at least 2 years) in a similar Gamedev position
  • Portfolio
  • Strong knowledge of mathematics and C#
  • Strong knowledge of HLSL/GLSL
  • Experienced in Shader Graph – Unity and URP
  • Deep understanding of the technical side of graphics designing for mobile devices (mainly 3D graphics)
  • Knowledge of graphics optimization methods
  • Experience in optimizing products for mobile devices, including Low End Android
  • Experience and understanding of Houdini Engine will be an advantage
  • You enjoy exploring new technologies and implementing them in real projects
  • You have great technical background and visual taste
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