Product Analyst


We are launching new projects and improving existing ones, so we are in search of a Game Product Analyst who is interested in players behavior investigation in our products, patterns identification, hypotheses formulating and offering ideas for further development. Our ideal candidate is already sufficiently autonomous in his work in order to independently conduct analytics on the project.

The main mission of such a specialist will be insights searching and options offering for indicators development in order to make our games even better!

What you will be doing:

  • Analysis of the game economy, balance, player behavior and the influence of external factors
  • Formulation and testing of hypotheses to improve the game
  • A/B tests preparation and execution
  • Game Data organization and automation
  • Dashboards development for repeatable reports
  • Conducting in-game studies of player behavior in order to identify weaknesses and monetization growth points
  • Product anomalies detection
  • Processing ad hoc requests from game design and development teams
  • Making recommendations for changes and new functionality as part of the product team

What we expect from the candidate:

  • At least 2 years of work experience in Gamedev as a Product Data Analyst
  • SQL and python proficiency
  • Experience in working with databases (Bigquery (preferably), PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, etc.)
  • Understanding of business and product metrics
  • Experience in conducting A/B testing with effective results
  • Good knowledge of mathematical statistics and A/B testing methods
  • Ability to work independently with Data, from making a query to cleaning and visualization
  • Ability to make decisions based on Data and to argue them
  • Successful experience in implementing your own ideas based on analytics in games or internal products
  • Understanding of key metrics and KPIs of projects
  • Love for games and industry trends understanding
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